The internet connects people all over the world. Social networks spread like fire and are a good choice for meeting points. Not just public meets, private exchanges with friends, family, and even strangers are possible.

What Is A Live Webinar?

A webinar is a live online event that is hosted by a company or an organization for a selected group of people through the internet. A live webinar is a live online conference; it can be a presentation, workshop, or maybe a training seminar in real time.

Working Of Live Webinar

In a live webinar platform, you can ask questions, discuss something relevant to the topic, and gather information. All you need for the live webinar is an internet connection and access to respective data. The organizer or the company can grant participants speaking rights which allows them to speak directly to others during the event. All the registered attendees are provided with a confirmation email that contains the required login data or access link. A reminder message is also sent to participants before the live webinar starts. When the webinar is about to begin the participants can connect to the live webinar room. In some rare cases, it may be required by you to install a particular client application that can be used during the live webinar session.

 Other interactive services provided by live webinar platforms are web interviews, live webcasts, and online seminars including chats, surveys, file sharing, and downloading. The webinar has been held for many years but still, there are various pros and cons of life and pre-recorded webinar platform which can be discussed. There are various pros and cons that come along with living webinars. Let’s discuss them below:

Pros Of Hosting A Live Webinar

The live webinar format has this benefit particularly not being dependent on a certain location. Below are some pros of organizing a live webinar.  

  • Emotionally connected: A live webinar drives the emotion of attendees. Your attendees can feel more connected to your story as they are watching you in real-time. You all can laugh together and sometimes your mistakes can also help you to build a connection with your attendees. These all emotions may create a live webinar more humanized.
  • Q/A session: This session gives you an opportunity to answer the questions and explain the content more specifically. It can help you to clear the doubts of attendees in real-time. All of this can make your live webinar sessions more compelling and conveying.
  • Connection with reliability: There might be some people who are reliably attending your live webinar services. They could be your admirer and want to take every chance to connect with you. Short-listing them and calling names during live streaming can help you to build a strong, long-lasting one-on-one relationship with these attendees.
  • Faster services:  Live webinar hosting platform can give you a chance to work on your imperfection in a short span of time, which is during the live session only. It saves time and you can use the saved energy somewhere else. Idler can do better with live webinars. You can just go live and share your message in an hour only.
  • Pocket friendly:  It saves the cost of traveling and staying. You can attend your live webinar without any hustle like hotel booking, overnight stay, reaching the webinar venue, etc.
  • Registration: You can get yourself registered for these events without any exercise. The registration is simple and automated.
  • Exchange information: The information can be exchanged easily before, during, and after the event.
  • One of the other benefits of live webinar is that anonymous participation is possible.
  • Limitless participation is possible during the live webinar.
  • Live webinar makes it possible for you to share and download the extra digital material at any time during the session. They also allow you to store and evaluate the content easily. Companies are consistently rising through webinars. The live webinars services are the best option for organizers as it provides faster services and is more impactful as the attendees are more alert during live sessions. The lead created by live webinars is exceptional.

Cons Of Live Webinar

After some of the pros let’s now discuss some of the cons of organizing a live webinar.

  • Unexpected visitors: While working from your home you might get interrupted by kids, family, or anything else. You need to create a work-like atmosphere while working from home and all of this affects your presentation. This type of interference may distract you; cause a blank moment in your session.
  • Technical issues: Sometimes internet connection tends to be troubling, making your live session disturbed. Lack of connections, software issues, and other unknown technical issues can disturb your presentation.
  • Right time: During the live webinar attendees connect from multiple time zones. The time that suits one might not be suitable for another. It’s one of the biggest problems to deal with before planning a live webinar. You can save your content but then the engagement of attendees in the live session gets affected. So without any compromise, you have to work on setting the time that suits the majority.  
  • The participant’s mood and motivation are difficult to determine by the speaker.
  • There is this area where participants can easily get distracted as they have access to their phones and other gadgets.  The live webinar itself can be attended through a gadget only, which gives you access to multiple tasks at a time. An attendee can be working on multiple things on his phone or laptop without you knowing.

As we understand this, a live webinar can be a good framework for sharing the content with a large number of people in a very short period of time. We can say from the above-mentioned points that live webinar platforms play a very important part in our lives. Although it comes with some cons it still can be the easiest and most convenient manner to deliver your content or messages to a selected group of people. So you can try and find ways to deal with the pros and take advantage of the cons.