How to Write Your Essay to Meet Standards.

Don’t ignore these five websites if you want your essay to meet standards. Any international student must be familiar with essays. And students studying in the UK are no exception. However, you should be careful when citing references so as not to be considered plagiarism. Because this can lead to suspension. Make a great impact on the learning process of our international students.

Even while applying, be careful when writing personal essays submitted to the school. They may reject the application for admission if they discover your essay was taken from another source.

Content is King

Content or commonly referred to as posting articles is a strategy to become a blogger, because the content is a barometer or measure of the blog itself, it can be said that this content is the soul of the website, without content, of course, the website will not exist, so the name content or articles must be a must-have for a blogger. many say that content is king.

Talking about articles, of course, we think directly about writing, I am sure that if the thing that is already about writing certainly makes it troublesome and saturating, actually it will not be saturated if we can explore the science of writing because I am sure that people who tend to like to write have a myriad of inspirations or ideas that are so big. writing will feel heavy because they think simple, ah, this is just being able to crowd my blog, well if we think like this, hurry up to cover the blog, because it is certain that visitors will run after what is obtained without wanting to see everything else.

Before we write what we should discuss, of course, we first know what composition we will write in our article, this composition includes experience, discussion, and solving problems. from this element, we will get good reference material. I will be clear about this composition

a. experience.

of course, to create writing, you must have experience about what to write, for example, if we want to talk about motor engines, more or less we have to know what the engine is and what the material of the motor engine redeemed from?. experience is needed to write.

b. discussion

this topic or discussion is the second element after the experience, we can discuss something certainly cannot be separated from the experience we get. for example, like the motorbike earlier, we can know about motor engines, so if we talk about motor engines, we can explain what is in the motorbike engine, content or article does not escape the problem of discussion, because the creation of good content is an element of the discussion itself, so the point is that this discussion is very important to create a blog article

c. troubleshooting

Problem solving or solutions are certainly very much needed, we will be considered empty if it has been discussed and experienced but does not have a solution. the solution can be said to be a point of experience and discussion. take the motorbike as an example. if you have a problem with the engine, of course, we will know the solution to prevent damage to the machine, so the understanding is that solving this problem is a solution to solve a problem.

Make sure you are the author of your ideas and express them in your own words. These 5 websites and software can help you avoid plagiarism:

1. Turnitin (Paid)

Turnitin was developed by a foreign company. This is one of the software used by many countries around the world. The current software already supports Vietnamese. This has made the process of checking plagiarism easier and more accurate.

Turnitin software will help you check for exactly the percentage of plagiarism of the text you want to check. Accuracy is also evident through the color markings on the text. This way of “catching errors” makes it easier for people to fix. Not only that, the software will automatically save the version of the text. This helps protect copyright, from being copied by anyone.

It is because of this advantage that advertisers also like to use Turnitin software. It helps implement website content and protect their copyrights. Using Turnitin software, users will receive plagiarism test results quite quickly. Even if the text is just one line or all of the content in a website.

2. Viper (Free. Can only be used on Window operating systems)

Similar to Turnitin, Viper can scan a large number of scholarly articles and other online websites, thereby collating with the text you need to check to produce plagiarism results that are accurate to every percentage. In particular, unlike Turnitin, this software can be used completely free and installed with other educational management software to check the plagiarism status of students today.

Viper allows you to choose the type of text content to scan such as education, finance, cover letter,… to support quick scanning. At the same time, Viper also automatically links to the nearest local server to support improved plagiarism scanning speed quickly and accurately for users. Viper provides users with the most complete plagiarism results with accurate results up to 99.99%, including word count and plagiarism percentage throughout the text.

3. DoIT (Free, account registration required)

DoIT stands for Document Improvement Tool â€“ a product of The University of Technology, Hanoi National University. DoIT plagiarism checker software is widely used, especially in the field of education.

The original purpose when DoIT was created was to check the duplication of the content of dissertations and courses conducted by students. The main sources of materials to check are dissertations, dissertation courses of students of all schools in Vietnam and paper articles, websites. After that, the user audience is expanded to mass. Not only is it completely free, DoIT also has a function to evaluate and automatically correct the spelling of the article (based on the dictionary that DoIT uses.)

4. Plagiarism Detector (Free)

Plagiarism Detector is software equipped with a simple and easy-to-use interface. With useful tools to help users compare texts or documents with a large number of pages, thereby detecting passages, copied text or plagiarism from different sources accurately.

5. Plagiarism checker (Free)

With a completely free testing feature, software will help you check in detail and accurately the content of “plagiarism”. In particular, a prominent advantage of this tool is that you can use it online without downloading software or installing troublesomely.

However, Free plagiarism checker only helps you check each sentence in turn. This will make you extremely inconvenient if you want to check a lot of content in one text. If you want to check the whole paragraph, you have to press Enter after each phrase. Each such time will be a bit time consuming and inconvenient.

Also, make sure you don’t share the essay with other classmates. Maybe you just want to help your friends and give your friends references, but it’s best to protect your efforts and achievements, avoiding the case that both lessons are the same and get bad grades, or worse, fail the subject.

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