Report writing can sometimes be a complex task. Contrary to writing an essay, report writing is much more methodical. Irrespective of whichever field you are in, you might be tested on your skills to write a report. Be it an MBA, research, or a programing task, report writing is common and should be known by everyone. Notwithstanding the fact that report writing is prevalent, people still get confused over it.

If you have been assigned the task of writing a report, you might have to take care of a few things. Firstly, a report should be written in an objective way. While an essay is more generic, a report is based on factual information. A report is not necessarily written as a scientific document. However, the appropriate formatting, research, comprehension, clarity, and brevity are absolutely critical while writing a report.

Study the points written below for assignment help before you begin writing your report.

What Is a Report?

A report is a common structured document used in various fields to present key pieces of information to a specific audience. The language used while writing a report should be clear and the document should be well formatted. In a report, there are various headings and subheadings that address the different aspects of the problem statement in detail. The use of pointers instead of writing long paragraphs is also imperative while writing a report.

Steps to Perform Before Writing a Report 

The below pointers explains the steps that you should take before you start writing. Take assignment help from these pointers.

Understanding the Problem Statement: Before you begin your research work for writing a report, it is advisable to understand the topic and the context. Understanding the problem statement well enough would help you in accumulating the relevant data you would need. For example, if you are writing a scientific report for a university, you would have to first identify the subject. Then, before beginning your research, ensure that you have understood the topic and the field it belongs to clearly. 

Identify Your Audience: Ultimately your audience would decide how good your report is. Hence, the language and details in your report generally depend on your audience. A technical report is generally written for a specific audience. For a general audience, the language should be easy and technical terms should be avoided. Knowing your audience beforehand helps you determine the scope of your study much more effectively. So, before doing anything, figure out who will read your report and go from there.

Research: Remember your research would differentiate you from your fellow report writers. A well-researched report is reliable, comprehensive, and detailed. Your research-level shows how committed you are in presenting accurate information to your audience. Research is not about just collecting a large amount of data, but also collecting data from a reliable source. You can also include an advanced Google search to refine the phrases that you need to look for. You don’t have to be solely be dependent on the internet while doing your research. You can also use books or take insights from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). In the end, you will have to use your research depending on the clarity, conciseness, accuracy, relevancy, and target audience. 

Steps to Perform After Writing a Report 

Your assignment would finish only when your report is ready for submission. Read the pointers given below as the assignment help to know what to do after writing the report.

Structuring Your Content: Proper formatting of a report is absolutely necessary. In fact, it is one of the key things that identifies that a given document is a report. Thus, after writing and before submission, check the formatting properly and ensure that the abstract, introduction, subheadings, and conclusion have been written clearly. 

Feedback: After you are done with your writing, it is crucial to take feedback from a reliable source. However, it is advisable to take the feedback after you have written your first draft. Taking feedback after several revisions might result in making changes at the last moment. So, after writing the first draft itself, take the feedback and make the changes accordingly. 

Subsections in a Report

The Title Page: Apart from including the title of the report and your name, you should include the name of the organization and logo as well. You can find several templates available on the web but you should only use the templates specified to you. If you are writing an academic report, ensure that you have also mentioned the submission date. 

Abstract: It is also called the Executive Summary. It should be written in a way that gives the complete idea of the report to the reader. The length of the abstract can range from one page to several pages depending upon the length of the report. Be sure to include the context, background work, and problem statement in your report. 

Table of Content and Glossary: The Table of Content explains the subsection you have included in your report. It helps your audience understand the extent of your research. You may also opt to include a glossary explaining all the abbreviations and technical terms. 

Introduction: The introduction of the report includes a crisp and concise explanation of the problem statement. It also contains the importance of the study and its impact on the future. Furthermore, your report would look much more professional if you mention all the assumptions in your introduction.

Conclusion: The conclusion is generally a short overview of the entire details mentioned in the report. It should not be too long and should be limited to the things that you have covered in the report. Additionally, you may highlight the need for further research in the same field. 

Reference List: This section includes the sources of your research. Include citations of the details or tables you have included from other reports or books. However, be mindful of the fact that you have written the reference list in alphabetical order. The alphabetical order is necessary because the readers may then find it convenient to go through your reference list. 


Writing a report is not as easy as writing an essay. However, the use of reports is extensive in various domains. There are a few things to keep in mind and planning your work using the above sub-sections would help ease out your work. Taking care of all the subsections while formatting a report is important. Go through all the details mentioned above once again to get assignment help.