Are you thinking of buying headphones or earpods? And are you confused between Beats studio 3 and Airpods pro? If you are. Then you are at the right site. We all know that earpods play a significant role in your day-to-day life.

So you have to choose the best earphones for yourself. Beats Studio and Apple Airpods are two famous brands in the world of wireless audio devices. It is hard to choose from the two best products for yourself because both products have excellent performance. That is why we are here to help you in the comparison article of the Beats Studio 3 vs AirPods Pro.

Apple Airpods is more famous than a Beat studio. But is the popularity of Apple’s Airpods affected by the Beat studio? We will discuss In this comparison article Beats Studio 3 vs Airpods Pro. Both devices have the latest and advanced technology.

And both devices are giving their best technology to their users in 2021. Even Airpods and Beats Studio 3 are giving a tough fight to each other in terms of technology. Both devices are trending audio devices in the market nowadays.

Both companies are one of the leading companies in the US market. Either Apple or beat is manufacturing innovative, cost-effective, Noise-canceling headphones for their targeted users. Instead of these, both devices have some enormous differences that we will discuss in this article. 

We will compare both devices based on the pros and cons, build quality, design, and lots more. So stay with us. We are sure that you can decide your choice after reading this.

Pros and Cons

In this section, we will compare all pros and cons of AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio 3. Both devices have some negative things and positive things. So let’s see the pros and cons of both devices in detail.

Airpods Pro Pros and Cons


  • Improved designed   
  • Superb sound quality
  • Good noise canceling


  • Charge via lighting cable
  • Expensive

Beats Studio 3 Pros and Cons


  • Collapsible design
  • Different colors option
  • Great battery life


  • Costly
  • Sound lack refinement vocal absence fullness

As we have mentioned in the table above, both devices have many pros and cons. But these devices have aware deceptions that both are expensive. But both devices have many great features that we will discuss in the next section.


Airpods ProBeats Studio 3
Music ControlYesYes
‘Hey Siri’Support YesYes
ANC YesYes
Drivers24 mm40 mm
Water-Resistant YesYes

Both devices have many common features like ANC ( Active Noise Cancelling), Waterproof, hey Siri Support, and music control. But the driver of Airpods pro is 24 mm. The driver of beats Studio 3 is 40 mm. The best part of the beat studio 3 is that this device has a W1 chip that makes headphones pair with Bluetooth devices more easily. Beat Studio 3 comes with all features that all users are looking for nowadays. This device also has a suspending headband that reduces pressure from your head. Ear Cups have soft leather for your comfort.

Apple Airpods pro has a hey Siri support. You need to double-tap on the earpiece of the Airpods to control your music with Hey Siri support. This feature is the pro feature of Airpods pro.

Beat Studio 3 has better sound quality than the Airpods pro, Airpods pro has better ANC (Active noise canceling) than the Beat studio 3. So here comes the end of features comparison between AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio 3. Now, let’s see that the device has a better battery backup in the next section.

Battery Backup

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Battery life with ANC22 hours 19 hours 
Battery life without ANC40 hours 24 hours 
Charging portUSBUSB TYPE C
Charging time Approx. 2 hours Approx. 1.5 hours 
Battery type2 lithium ions3 lithium ions 

The battery life of a beat studio 3 is far better than the Apple Airpods pro. The beat studio 3 has two lithium ions batteries and gives 40 hours of battery backup without ANC. Beat studio 3 provides 22 hours of battery backup with ANC. It means that when ANC Feature is on. Then the battery life of the beat studio 3 is 22 hours. And when the ANC feature is off, then this device delivers 40 hours of battery life. The charging time of this device is approx. 2 hours.

Airpods pro comes with three lithium ions batteries and provides 24 hours of battery life without ANC.  This device gives 19 hours of battery life in ANC mode. The charging time of Airpods pro is approx. 1.5 hours.

So the beat studio 3 is a clear winner in the competition of battery life of Studio 3 vs AirPods Pro. So here comes the end of the comparison battery life section between Studio 3 vs AirPods Pro. Let’s see the build quality comparison Beats Studio 3 Wireless vs AirPods Pro in the next column. 

Build Quality 

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Colors Seven different colors White
Volume Control YesNo
Wireless YesYes
Music Control YesYes
Quick chargeYesYes
Noise-canceling YesYes

Both devices are well-built quality but have several differences. Airpods pro is an in-ear device, while beat studio 3 is an over-ear device. Beat studio 3 is more robust than Airpods pro. Airpods pro comes only in white color, while the beat studio comes in 7 different colors that include white, blue, red, etc. Both devices have excellent sound quality.

But beat studio 3 is more durable than Airpods pro. Beat studio 3 is heavier than Airpods pro, but it is easy to handle. The design of Airpods pro is extra unique and attractive than beat studio 3. AirPods Pro doesn’t have the key of volume control while the beat studio has it. So beat studio 3 is better-built quality than AirPods pro. Here comes the end of the comparison Beats Studio 3 wireless vs AirPods Pro comparison of built quality. Now, we will compare the sound quality of AirPods Pro or Beats Studio 3 in the successive sections.

Sound Quality 

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Transparency modeYesYes
Higher baseYesNo
Adaptive EqualizerNoYes
Spatial Audio Without head trackingWith head tracking

Sound quality is an important part that we notice while purchasing headphones, earphones, etc. Both devices have tough competition in noise-canceling. But AirPods have Transparency mode and adaptive Equalizer that help in turn noise-canceling features more effective. The beat studio 3 has a higher base than Airpods pro that making the original sound little change. But Airpods pro delivers enormous sound quality, so Airpods pro is the clear winner in terms of sound quality. Here comes the end of the comparison section of AirPods Pro or Beats Studio 3. Now, we will take a look at the connectivity of both devices and compare both devices in terms of Studio 3 vs AirPods Pro in connectivity.


Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Multi-device connectionYESYES
Compatible with IOSYESYES
Compatible with AndroidYESYES
Apple W1 chipYESYES

Both of them can connect wirelessly and have Bluetooth 5.0 technology for smooth connections. Both devices have Apple W1 chips that make connections strong. You can share music to other devices with the help of beat studio 3 and Airpods pro. Both devices have multi-device connections. You can connect both devices with android and IOS. Both devices have common connectivity features, hence it is a tie in the comparison section of connectivity in AirPods Pro vs Studio 3. Now, we will compare AirPods Pro vs Studio 3 in the form of prices.


Beat studio 3Airpods Pro
India₹ 24,71224,900.00
US$349.95From $179.00

The price of the beat studio 3 in India is Rs. 24,712 and Airpods pro has a price of Rs. 24,900. So beat studio 3 is cheaper than the Airpods Pro. 

Which is Best For You?

Beat studio 3 and Apple Airpods Pro is giving very tough competition to each other. If you are looking for an earpod with good sound quality. Then Apple Airpods pro is best for you. If you are looking for a headphone with longer battery life, then beat studio 3 is best for you.


Here comes the end of the comparison between beat studio 3 and Airpods pro. We have compared both devices in terms of build quality, sound quality, battery life, price, and much more. We hope you have now selected your audio device. Let us know about your decision on AirPods Pro vs Studio 3.

Hope to see you again.