Word problems are often seen to confuse countless students as the question does not present itself in ready-to-solve mathematical equations. While the degree of difficulty may surely change, the ways to solve word problems include a planned approach that requires determining the problem, accumulating relevant information, creating the equation, solving and checking the work. If you are one of those million students, who are often in search of mathematics assignment help stalwarts and need a strong push to get there, going through this comprehensive article will certainly put you miles ahead. In this article, we have highlighted certain amazing strategies that will help you solve any math word problem, however challenging it is.

  • Determine The Problem

According to the best minds associated with top mathematics assignment help services in Canada, it is always wise to start by identifying the scenario of the problem you aim to solve. This might come as a question or even a statement. Either way, the problem will provide you with all the essential information you need to solve it. Once you are done determining the problem, you can then decide the unit of measurement for the final answer.

  • Draw A Picture

Most students often need to visualize a problem to understand it completely, especially those who are younger students. As they get older, they can start to visualize in their head. However, at a younger age, drawing a picture that explains to them what the problem is about helping them greatly. Know that it is significant to ensure that the picture takes into account every aspect of the problem.

  • Search For The Key Words

If you go through certain remarkable mathematics assignment help tutorials, you will realize that each word problem has keywords to look out for every time. It informs and helps you determine what operations you need to undertake.

  • Create An Equation

Translate any of the math terms you come across in the problem into math symbols. For instance, the words and phrases ‘more than’, ‘increased’, ‘sum’, and ‘in addition to’ all means to add. Thus, write in the “+” symbol over these words. Ensure to use a letter for the unknown variables and create an algebraic equation that represents the problem.

  • Solve The Problem 

Now, using the equation, solve the problem by plugging in the values and solving for unknown variables. Double-check all the calculations along the way to refrain from any severe mistakes. Multiply, subtract, and divide in proper order by using the order of operations. Remember exponents and roots come first, then multiplication and division, and finally addition and subtraction.

Finally, as you get more comfortable solving the math word problems, you may not need to implement each of these strategies every time. However, ensure that the idea of each hack is accounted for in your problem-solving strategy. If you still face difficulties, you can always seek mathematics assignment help from the best stalwarts of the town. You can also get case study help by top case study helper.


Learning math and cracking the overly tricky math word problems can certainly be an overwhelming journey for most students in Canada. Thus, in this article, we have mentioned certain remarkable strategies and hacks that will help students to solve any challenging math word problems effectively.

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